“Action takes precedence over words”

Confucius (551 BCE – 479 BCE)

Welcome to Custom Karate
Being the Best You Can Be.

Where the learning of a traditional martial art has been tailored for today’s modern living, to provide authentic traditional Shotokan Karate syllabus training in an environment that is safe, fun and affordable. We specialise in teaching children of all ages (and even adults).


In a Custom Karate Dojo each student is taught all the traditional values of mind body and soul, while acknowledging the pressures imposed by modern society.


Holistic Self Defence

It is widely acknowledged that learning a martial art is the learning of self defence. At Custom Karate a more holistic approach to self defence is taught from the actual act of being able to defend oneself from hostile physical attack through to protecting yourself through correct diet and lifestyle choices. Naturally the teaching of karate instructs the student to be competent in self defence and in turn embodies a sense of self confidence.


As a side point; attackers are almost always stronger than their intended victims, at Custom Karate emphasis is given to techniques that exploits an opponent’s strength advantage to ensure that a Custom Karate Student never becomes a victim.


Non contact karate

Contact with limbs (arms and legs) is unavoidable. Custom Karate teaches non contact karate. What this means in real terms is that procedures are taught to the students while practising karate normally, contact with the head and torso is an aspiration but in training is not intended.


Custom Karate after school club teaches to an authentic Shotokan syllabus that enables students to present themselves as confident individuals, mindful of the world they inhabit and at a grading being confident of passing. Though grading is encouraged as a way of formally marking a student’s progress, it is not mandatory and students are allowed to explore the art at their own pace.



What is needed to learn karate?

1.    An open mind and a willingness to learn new skills.

2.    A loose fitting outfit known as a Gi (beginners can wear any loose fitting clothing or their normal school PE kit).

And that is about it!



Custom Karate charges students by the term using the 3-term academic year (payable in advance) and current term charges are:

£60 per term covers about 12 to 14 weeks. For students training once a week (usually beginners) *

£100 per term and covers about 12 to 14 weeks. For students training twice or more a week (usually intermediate to advance students) *


*Please note that Licences and Gradings are not included in the pricing structure above.


Cost of Gradings:

£15 for 9th to 8th Kyu (Beginners)
£20 for 7th to 1st Kyu (Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate)
£90 for 1st Dan (Advanced) Black Belt

£90 for 2nd Dan (Advanced) Black Belt

£90 for 3rd Dan (Advanced) Black Belt


Other costs

When a student is established a martial arts licence is required**. The current cost is £20 p.a. for an adult and £20 for a junior (under 18) and is renewable annually. For simplicity Custom Karate students all renew their licence on 1st September.


A new licence for all students costs £20 initially and then £20 per year thereafter payable in September.


A karate outfit known as a Gi is also required before presenting for grading (7th Kyu onwards) cost from £30-£50 depending on the size required.


A Custom Karate badge cost £5 and is available to all grades but is only mandatory before being presented before a Dan grading.


Telephone 07759 474681